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Saturday, March 31, 2012

an evening with chinese cuisine

assalamaualaikum.. hohoho.. here i come again.. *curi2 masa update blogs, sbb sgt excited ~!! this is my 1st time to have a dinner at 5pm with chinese cuisine ^^ all prepared and served by mei yang- a friend of mine and julie and chyen - a friend of mei yang and then bcome my friend also. here is the part of the food,
sy sgt suke ini~!! its really yummy, they said, its only put the flour, egg, and of course potongan sayur.. tak tau sayur ape, tp sgt sedap~!!
potatoes~!!! spicy and sour coz it cook with the cili kering and about the sour taste.. i'm not sure either..hihhii
yg ni sedap~!! for those who like tofu la~~
our main dish~!!! hot pot. in mandarin?? forgot already .. to mei yang : tq for the food and the serve. such a good chief!!! note : their culture are differ from us. if they invite us to their "home" no need to help or in simplest word "we come, eat and back with full stomach" rase tak selesa, kami tlg la bsuh mgkuk leps makn (^_^)v


  1. wahhh!! nnti boleh la mira masak plak yer...

    1. hahahah, mane reti,dorg tak bg tlg pun..smua dorg buatkan..

  2. Replies
    1. memg~!!
      kenyg 2hr mkn eyh!
      jom t kite buat plok..
      isnin mlm nk?